Professionalising a New Field in Education


Before MUN inc., conference simulations like Model United Nations or Model ASEAN were perceived as little more than after-school activities. They said that no one could make a living in this field of education. In fact, to date, only a handful of educators specialise in this aspect of experiential learning. Therefore, our goal is to carve out a niche area in education, professionalise the industry and make learning through experience sustainable. So join us, if you enjoy doing things that are out of the ordinary.


If you are interested in any of the positions below, you may apply to us via any of our recruitment partners, or by writing directly to us at getintouch@muninc.sg. In your email title, be sure to include the position that you are applying for, and to attach your CV and cover letter. We will do our best to get back to you within five business days.

If none of the positions currently on offer suits you, you may also leave us your CV so that we can contact you if new offerings are available. You never know, if you don’t try …


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“My internship at MUN inc. was an incredibly meaningful and exciting one. Work was seldom mundane and I was often challenged to think out of the box in search of creative and fresh content ideas for the different projects that were assigned to me.


Yet, these projects never really felt like work because I thoroughly enjoyed working with my supervisor, Walter, and the other colleagues whom I shared common projects with. The receptive and open culture at MUN inc. also meant that many of my ideas and suggestions were often taken into consideration, and in many instances,

From a personal viewpoint, my internship with MUN inc. has changed any prior misconceptions I may have had towards Model United Nations, and has even renewed my interest to take on more conferences in the future. All in all, it was a memorable experience as I was given many learning opportunities and working experiences, while making great friends along the way.”

The University of Sydney

Matthew Ong

“Working part-time at MUN inc. provided me with many opportunities to expand my professional experience. I appreciated the flexibility in work arrangements and encouraging working environment that it provided. I was fortunate to have like-minded bosses and colleagues that were committed to delivering quality education to our clients. For instance, we had to teach classes to students from varying nationalities, and quickly tailored our teaching styles to ensure that they were receptive to the learning outcomes. MUN inc. has definitely helped me to grow in a challenging, multi-disciplinary environment, and I look forward to seeing their contributions to the global education landscape in the future.”

National University of Singapore

Shawn Ten

“Interning at MUN inc. has definitely stretched my potential and enabled me to cultivate skills that are incredibly useful for the workplace. In my time here, I was tasked to work on different projects that have honed my interpersonal skills, writing skills and
the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in a team setting.

Furthermore, my internship with MUN inc. was meaningful because the projects assigned to interns were challenging, yet fun at the same time. Through the tasks that I was assigned, together with the mentorship of my supervisors, Walter and Hilary, I was
given many opportunities to think creatively and muster the confidence to present my ideas. To my surprise, many of these ideas were acknowledged and taken into consideration, as well as implemented when they were feasible.


Overall, interning at MUN inc. has truly been an eye opener for me. My experience here has taught me that anyone can be an asset to the workplace, regardless of their age.
Through this internship, I have made many new friends, and have also gained greater exposure to the challenges and excitement of working life. Now, I am more confident about entering the workforce in the future.”

The University at Buffalo

Amanda Ong